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Upcoming events 



*Beefsteak 4/29


*Online Raffle

*Field Day 5/24 & 5/25

*Family Movie Night TBD



*Boosterathon 6/3, 6/4

*Book Fair

*5th grade Party

North Boulevard HSA Committees

The following are descriptions of the activities and committees we have planned for the 2020-2021 school year.  WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THEM SUCCESSFUL!  Please sign up to volunteer for the activities you are interested in.  If you have any questions you can email the HSA info@northboulevardhsa.org 

Chair:   Sarah Inglis/Lauren Boninfante

Committee members assist in the sale and distribution of NBS-themed clothing and accessaries.  The sale is run online, and items are delivered, sorted, and ready for delivery. Each season

5th Grade Memory Book
Chair:   Tammy Maldonado/Anabella Poland

This committee works with the 5th grade teacher and the principal to plan. organize, and assemble a memory book that highlights the time the children spent at NBS.

*Chairs are selected at the end of 4th grade


5th Grade Party
Chair:   Adriana Anello and Stacey Linzenbold

This committee plans the end of the year party for the graduating 5th grade students

*Chairs are selected at the end of 4th grade

Chair:   Anthony Pulizzano
Book Fair Committee
Chair:   Meg McBurney

Volunteers are needed to help set up tables, assist children in book selection, and sell books.  Sale runs during school hours and after school.  Volunteers are also needed for set-up and break down of the fair.  The dates for this year are October, March, and June.

Chair:   Stephanie Rossow, Kim Cerretta, Jennifer Pulizzano
Box Tops Committee
Chair:   Lisa Healy

This committee is responsible for coordinating the collection and tally of Box Tops for Education for each class throughout the school year.  

Casino Night (Major Fundraiser)
Chair:   TBD

Volunteers are needed to organize and set up the event, wrap baskets/gifts, and solicit donations from local businesses via e-mail, regular mail, telephone, and door-to-door appeals. This event includes sub-committees, as well as some activities that can be completed outside of school/work hours. On the night of the event, volunteers will be needed for a number of activities, including selling raffle tickets, selling 50/50s, collecting tickets at the door, and overseeing games.

Class Parent Committee Chair
Chair:   Danielle Miller

To sign up for Class parents go to: Class Parent section under Volunteer tab

Class Pictures Committee
Chair:   TBD

Coomittee members are needed to assist photographers with organizing children on picture day and writing down photo numbers.  Class pictures are taken at the end of September.

Clothing Drive Committee
Chair:   Patty Piroh

Collection of used clothes dropped off at the school and loaded into a truck as a donation to Fashion Republic USA on a Saturday in the fall.

Dine to Donate
Chair:   Kim Cerretta

The volunteers for this event needed to organize activities on the staff development dates throughout the year.  This past year we made a decent profit from planning these events.  This year we would like to reach out to more local vendors.  This does not take a lot of time and can be done primarliy at home.

Family Fun Nights
Chair:   Stephanie Rossow

Organize and plan fun events for the family such as Winter Dash, Fall Crawl, and Outdoor Movie nights

Field Day Committee
Chair:   Sandie Parday

It is a super fun day set aside for sports or athletic competition and activities outside. Grades Pre-K thru 5th partake on activites and have have a fun lunch outside.  Volunteers are needed to shop, set up games, tents/tables the day of, filling balloons, decorating, signing in parents/visitors upon arrival, monitor and/or fill water stations, grilling food, food prep and servers, directing game stations and breakdown/clean up  Third week of May

Hoedown Table
Chair:   Stephanie Rossow

Volunteers are needed t oplan and volunteer at a North Boulevard table at the annual town Hoedown at Green View Park

Holiday Shop
Chair:   Erin Anello

This activity involves the purchasing and organizing of gifts to be sold to the students for December, Mothers Day, and Father's Day.  Volunteers are also needed to help sell during a 1 day event at lunch in December, May, and June.

HSA Board Nominating Committee
Chair:   TBD

This committee is responsible for the written notification of open positions for the Spring Home and School Executive Board elections, keeping track of nominees,and presenting the nominees at the May Home and School general meeting. The ballot process starts in March/April and ends in May/June.

Ice Cream Social
Chair:   Erin Anello/Sandie Pardey

Volunteers help organize, purchase, and serve ice cream and plan activities/games for an evening of sundae fun.  This event will be connected to our October Book fair and during the Art show in the spring

Kids Heart Challenge
Chair:   Anthony Pulizzano

During this event, children jump rope to raise money for the American Heart Association. Under the direction of the physical education teacher.  Coordinator creates a volunteer schedule to help at this event, which is held during school hours. Volunteers will be responsible for delivering and picking up all books from that grade level.

This event is usually held in February 

Library Help
Chair:   TBD

Come in during your child's library time to assist with book exchangeand general library maintainenance. No Library experience is necessary! The librarian and/or another parent volunteer or school aide will show you the ropes and you'll be a pro in no time!   

Reading Committee
Chair:   TBD

The NB reading committee is coordinated through the media center specialist and the faculty representive.  The committee has been divided up into sub-committees. The committee plans and supports the activities that promote reading is fun, while working with teachers, media and Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

Science Fair
Chair:   TBD

Volunteers assist the Chair with setting up and running the NBS Science Fair in the spring

Seasonal Plant Sale
Chair:   Meg McBurney

Volunteers assist the chair on the scheduled pick-up days. This involves unloading and sorting the plants and distributing the orders during pick-up times at the school.

Teacher Appreciation
Chair:   TBD

This committee typically plans for 2 events and/or a token of appreciaion for the faculty during the year.  This may include a "Welcome Back" Breakfast in September, and appreciation lunch during the Spring, and/or a token of appreciation for Teacher Appreciation Week.


NBS HSA Meeting

5/3/21 at 7PM

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NBS HSA 2020-2021
HSA Executive Board:

To Contact the Board use:


Co-President: Jesse Maldonado

Co-President: Stephanie Rossow

Vice President/Recording Secretary: Kim Cerretta

Corresponding Secretary: Jennifer Pulizzano

Treasurer: Jennifer Romei-Macaluso